Carrie Lyons, Canine Counsel’s founder and owner, has been fascinated with dogs and
dog behavior from the early age of five when her family adopted Cona, a Doberman
Pincher. Throughout Carrie's childhood, she spent countless hours watching and
interacting with Cona and other dogs.  As she grew, she learned increasingly more
about dogs and could often be found finding fun positive ways to train them.

As an adult, Carrie has rescued and rehabilitated five dogs of her own. Carrie started
training dogs as a volunteer at shelters in 2005.  She soon realized that she had found
her true passion and in 2008, left her career as a Deputy District Attorney in order to
pursue this passion. Carrie joined the Many Paws Kennel and Daycare team as a pet
technician.  Shortly after that, Carrie and the now late Susan Mullins designed and
started teaching a basic obedience class.  

Today, Carrie is an experienced certified dog trainer through the Animal Behavior
College.  (This program included over 800 pages of written curriculum, multiple exams,
a shelter dog training externship and a 18 week hands on externship with a seasoned
trainer).  Carrie is proud to announce that she is helping teach future dog trainers as a
Mentor Trainer with the Animal Behavior College.  Carrie is also a member of the
Association of Pet Dog Trainers.  

She has helped hundreds of dogs become healthier, happier, and more balanced
members of their loving adoptive families.

Canine Counsel is the Westside’s premier
dog training resource. Owner Carrie Lyons
offers a wide range of practical, effective
and convenient dog training services for
Washington County, Oregon and the
surrounding areas. The proven and
affordable service menu includes:

•        small group classes with plenty of
one-on-one guidance
•        private, in-home training,
customized to meet your goals and solve
your dog’s unique challenges
•        positive, reward based training
while you’re at work, for busy owners who
can’t be at home during the day