Basic Obedience

This class is designed for dogs four months and older with little or no formal obedience
training.  Basic obedience is also great for newly adopted dogs or dogs that need a
refresher course.  Your dog will learn all of the basic obedience commands, including:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Leash Manners
  • Greeting Manners
  • Leave It
  • Not Jumping

You will learn to teach your dog these commands using positive reinforcement and fun
games.  This ensures that both you and your dog enjoy learning.  The course runs for
6 weeks with each class lasting for approximately 1 hour.  The first class is held
without dogs - so humans only.  Classes are limited to 6 dogs*.

New Student $125.00
Returning Student: $115.00
10% discount (off of new student price only) if dog was rescued from a
shelter/rescue organ. within 6 months of enrolling in class
Cash or Checks Only

Dates and Locations

Please call for current class schedule
Class are held at either Many Paws (140 SW Freeman Hillsboro) or Dog's Day Out (6219
SE Alexander St Hillsboro)

Other Requirements
Preregistration and Payment are required to guarantee a spot in class
Proof of Rabies, Distempter-Parvo and Bordatella required - if your dog is a
puppy proof of age appropriate shots required.

*Each class can have up to
8 dogs.