Dog Walking
Need someone to give your dog a break while
you are at work or running errands?  

Want to come home to a exercised, happy dog?

Want to avoid the destruction that can happen
when your dog gets bored?

Our dog walking services are perfect for you!  

Canine Counsel offers years of experience
walking and caring for all shapes, sizes and
breeds of dogs.  We are fully licensed and
insured and pride ourselves in providing
profession, attentive care.  During our visit(s) we
can walk, play with, feed, water, medicate and
cuddle with your dog.
Getting Started
Call, text or email us to schedule an initial consultation (approximately 45
minutes).  During the consultation we will gather all the necessary details to
provide the highest level of care for your dog.  Then we will help select a
schedule that best suits both your and your dog's needs.


  • Pay Per Visit:
  • 50-60 minute visit - $25.00
  • 25-30 minute visit - $18.00

  • Prepaid Packages:
  • Ten 50-60 minute visits - $225.00
  • Ten 25-30 minute visits - $162.00