Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered in the comfort of
your own home or elsewhere depending on
your individual need.  The first meeting
consists of an evaluation in which Carrie will
meet with you and your dog(s) to gather as
much information about the specific problem
as possible and get a detailed description of
exactly what your goals are.  Carrie will also
observe as much of the dog's behavior as
safely possible.  She will then write a
treatment plan customized to your
situation. The first visits also include tips
and guidance on how to start correcting the
problem.  The evaluation typically last
between 1 1/2
hours.  Some cases require
only one visit while others will require follow
up lessons.   Follow up visits typically last 1
hour and can occur in two ways:

  1. You are present and learning from
    Carrie how to interact with, teach and
    train your dog in the most effective
    manner to solve the problem
    (recommended method)
  2. Day training program in which Carrie
    trains your dog multiple times per
    week while you are busy with other
    obligations.  Carrie will then show you
    what your dog has learned and how to
    maintain the new behavior.  Day
    training availability is limited based on
    the number of current clients.

All private lessons include free phone/e-mail
Why Take Private Lessons?

If your dog is aggressive to
either dogs or people;

If your dog is leash reactive;

If your dog is fearful of people
or new places;

If your schedule does not allow
you to attend group classes;

To help address problems
between household pets;

To address concerns with
children and pets;

To help with separation anxiety;

To address common behavior
problems such as:
Greeting Manners
House Training
How Much Will It Cost?

Initial Evaluation: $80.00

Follow-up Lessons with Owner Present:

55/hour if prepay for 3 to 5 lessons
50/hour if prepay for 6 or more

Day Training (owner not present): Price
varies depending on number,
frequency and location of desired
lessons.  Carrie will provide an estimate
upon request at the evaluation.

Travel Fee:
First 10 miles free
0.50 cents per mile after that
How Many Sessions Will I Need?

It is difficult to say how many private
sessions you may need.  You and your
dog have a lot of control over this
question.  The number of lessons is
dependant upon how much time you
devote to training your dog in between
sessions, how severe or complicated the
problem behavior is and how long the
behavior has been going on.  Carrie will be
able to provide a professional, informed
opinion after the evaluation.